ඒකාකාරි ටියුෂන් කලාවෙන් ඔබ්බට ගියා වු නිර්මාණශිලි ශුද්ධ ගණිත පන්තිය...

At Maths4u.LK, we love maths, technology, teaching and learning! Chandana Dahanayaka has taught more than 10,000 Advanced level students since 2009, has corrected exam papers for the State Exams Commission.He is one of the well known tutor for Pure Mathematics at Rupavahini Gurugedara Programme. And now he is leading the field in e-learning and online support for A/L students by creating Youtube video lessons and online content at Maths4u.LK! We as the team behind Maths4u.LK, know the theory and the application of maths, which are both essential for the news maths syllabus, and we know how to use the latest technology to make learning as effective as possible for our students!

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